Environmental Management


Waste management receives special attention in companies where volumes are more representative or can have a greater impact due to the nature of the materials involved. One highlight are the programs developed at Braskem, Odebrecht Agroindustrial, Odebrecht Engineering and Construction, and Odebrecht Oil & Gas.

Odebrecht Oil & Gas separates, stores and transports waste from the platforms. Some of the oil is recycled.


of reduction in the volume of hazardous waste at Odebrecht Agroindustrial

At Odebrecht Agroindustrial, waste management is one of the elements for achieving cleaner production and the zero-waste target established for the 2016-2017 Action Plan. In 2016, despite maintaining the same level of production, a 25% reduction was reported in the volume of hazardous waste, compared to the previous harvest.

At Braskem, the start-up of the Mexico Complex and a maintenance stop on the cracker plant in the Northeast of Brazil resulted in increased waste generation.


Odebrecht Oil & Gas’ customers are contractually responsible for managing waste from oil well activities. The company is responsible for monitoring and controlling the sorting, storage and transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste from its operation. The destination is defined according to the type of waste and follows criteria based on procedures of the Environmental Management System.

At Engeneering and Construction, one of the highlights is the Waste Management Program (PGR) of the Cambambe Hydropower Plant in Angola, which provides business opportunities and environmental and social benefits. The consolidated practices enabled the recycling of more than 60% of the waste generated.

Rubberized asphalt is another example of sustainable waste use, as it uses waste tires. This technology was used by Rota do Oeste, a company controlled by Odebrecht Highways, which is, in turn, a subsidiary of Odebrecht TransPort, in the recovery of the asphalt of the Imigrantes Highway, in Mato Grosso.


of recycling of the waste generated at the Cambambe Hydroelectric Plant in Angola