Environmental Management


All Businesses maintain initiatives to ensure efficiency and conscious consumption of water. The topic emphasizes the companies Odebrecht Engineering and Construction, Odebrecht Environmental, Odebrecht Agroindustrial and Braskem, given the nature of the operations and volumes involved.

At the Deodoro Water Treatment Plant in Rio de Janeiro, water is reused for the clearing of galleries, sewage networks and laundering


of reduction in water consumption in Engineering and Construction operations in 2016

At Odebrecht Agroindustrial, in 2016, industrial consumption was 1.10 cubic meters per metric ton of processed sugarcane. As for in the agricultural process, there was an increase in the water collected to supply the water deficit at the Rio Claro Unit (GO). The recirculation of water in the industrial process accounted for 45.5% of the total amount collected, and the reuse of water in sugarcane field by means of the fertigation corresponded to 32.2% of the amount collected.

At Odebrecht Environmental units, the loss index reported in 2016 was 31.62%, compared to 37.9% in the previous year. Loss reduction is a priority issue for the Business, which focused efforts on optimizing production processes and improving the performance of the distribution network.

Water consumption at Braskem in 2016 – 3.93 cubic meters per metric ton produced – was lower than in the previous year (4.05 cubic meters per metric ton) and the target of 4.18 cubic meters per metric ton established for the year. In absolute terms, the company consumed 72.4 million cubic meters of water in 2016, an increase of 9.4% over 2015 (66.2 million cubic meters).

In Engineering and Construction operations, a 37.9% reduction was reported in water consumption in 2016, compared to the previous year, reflecting the lower number of works active in the period. Emphasis is given to prevention by the reuse of effluents generated in production processes, as a solution to reduce water consumption and eliminate releases of this waste into the environment.



2015 2016
Business Volume (thousand m3) % of total consumption Volume (thousand m3) % of total consumption
Engineering and Construction1 1,773 7.9% 2,996 21.1%
Braskem2 16,600 25.1% 17,434 22.8%
Odebrecht Agroindustrial3 16,088 43.9% 24,160 63.2%

Note: Only Businesses in which water is a relevant topic and represents an economic and environmental impact are detailed. Odebrecht Environmental does not have an estimate of volumes of recycled water.
1Data reported in 2015 has been revised, consolidating all operations at Engeneering and Construction.
2The data do not consider water reuse in cooling towers.
3In 2015, the volume of water reuse in the application of fertigation was not calculated.


of the total water captured for agricultural production and industrial process was reused at Odebrecht Agroindustrial