Uma grande transformação
Water is the purifying force of nature.
It is water that activates the cycle of renewal on earth and, being transparent, harbors and promotes the succession of life in rivers and oceans.
That is why we have chosen water as the symbolic element of Odebrecht’s great transformation.
A true, extensive and deep transformation, which changes what needed to be changed, giving place to the new and enhancing what was already acknowledged as good.

The change can be summarized as follows: Odebrecht previously sought to excel in the delivery of services to customers and communities; now, the commitment assumed by the Leaders and Members of all Odebrecht is to excel in the delivery of service to customers and communities in an ethical, fair and transparent way.

A new Governance and a new Compliance System are the institutional foundations of these advances, which are explained throughout this report.

Just as water enables renewal on fertilized land, the ongoing change at Odebrecht also renews it and brings it closer to the future. The seeds sown are already germinating. The new plants are being carefully cultivated.

Soon, the fruits will emerge and Odebrecht will once again grow and produce relevant social wealth for its customers, for the Members, and for the communities and regions in which it is present.