Odebrecht S.A.

Odebrecht S.A., a privately held Brazilian company, is the holding company of the Odebrecht Group, established in 1944 in Bahia and now present in 24 countries, in addition to Brazil.


Odebrecht S. A.

As a holding company, Odebrecht S.A. has a diversified set of Businesses and is responsible for ensuring, in each of them, the practice of its corporate culture, translated into a set of philosophical values and concepts, as well as a permanent commitment to Customer satisfaction, generation of value for Shareholders, development of Communities in their respective environments and the personal and professional fulfillment of its Members.

It is Odebrecht S.A. that comprises the Odebrecht Group and allocates resources aimed at maximizing performance and relationships with its stakeholders.

The Odebrecht Group’s Businesses have their own governance and their own financial and operational self-sufficiency. They participate in sectors such as petrochemical, engineering & construction, agro-industrial (sugar, ethanol, and electricity), oil & gas, transportation (urban mobility, highways, ports, airports, and logistic systems) and real estate. In all these sectors, integrated, innovative and relevant solutions are created for Customers and Communities.


Responsible for functional support Communication and sustainability Finance Investments Legal and Governance Planning and people Companies and Auxiliary Entities Odebrecht Insurance Broker Odebrecht Retirement Fund BOARD OF DIRECTORS (CA) ODEBRECHT ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION CA ODEBRECHT REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENTS CA BRASKEM CA ODEBRECHT AGROINDUSTRIAL CA SHIPBUILDING COMPANY CA ODEBRECHT OIL & GAS CA ODEBRECHT TRANSPORT CA FOZ CA ODEBRECHT LATINVEST Odebrecht Engineering & Construction – Infrastructure Odebrecht Engineering & Construction – Industrial Odebrecht Real Estate Developments Braskem Odebrecht Agroindustrial Shipbuilding Company Odebrecht Oil & Gas Odebrecht TransPort Foz Odebrecht Latinvest ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY INVESTMENTS IN INFRASTRUCTURE AND ENERGY Odebrecht S.A. Businesses Area of activity Board of Directors Compliance Committee Odebrecht Foundation Responsible for compliance Global Advisory Council CEO Special Advisors

The Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology - TEO

The Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO) comprises a set of principles, concepts and criteria, focusing on education and work, which provides the ethical, moral and conceptual foundations for the work of Odebrecht Group Members. It values the potential of human beings, such as the willingness to serve, the capacity and the desire to evolve, and the will to overcome results. It also provides a planned delegation process, based on trust and the partnership between Leaders and Subordinates, to overcome challenges and achieve the expected results.
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Judite Rosa Batista, Harold Kleber, Priscila Beck and Kaio Nolasco, Members of Braskem in Paulinia (SP)

Worldwide Presence

Odebrecht is present in

25 countries

Brazil, South Africa, Angola, Argentina, Austria, Bolivia, Chile, Singapore, Colombia, Cuba, United Arab Emirates, Ecuador, United States, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Mexico, Mozambique, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Dominican Republic, Venezuela


of products and services to 98 countries