Social Management


Driven by the high-performance culture, the Odebrecht companies seek to develop their Members continuously. The training and professional development programs are carried out according to the characteristics and needs of each business, always based on the principle of Education through and for Work.

Marcos Rogerio de Araujo and Rogerio Fortunato dos Santos, from Odebrecht Agroindustrial

in 2016


online lectures


members participations in 18 countries and in all Odebrecht businesses

Knowledge Network

Created in 1992 to contribute to the continuous learning and development of Members, the Knowledge Network brings together people geographically dispersed and facilitates the registration and sharing of knowledge generated in different work environments of Odebrecht. The Network builds a digital repository of easy reuse, providing productivity improvement and the dissemination of innovations and best practices.

Corporate Modules – Applied for the first time in 2016, these are dynamics that promote the opportunity to reflect throughout the life cycle of a project, with the aim of encouraging the registration, dissemination and reuse of lessons learned, as well as strengthening the exchange of knowledge among Members.

Knowledge Communities – Members of all Odebrecht Businesses, with common interests, meet in 16 Communities, which develop diverse initiatives such as the Good Practices Bank and capacity building events.

Highlight Award

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Highlight Award connects Members and encourages and acknowledges the creation of solutions and innovations, consolidating good practices that fall into seven categories: Image, Innovation, Young Members, Environment, Community Relations, Knowledge Reuse, and Occupational Safety and Health.

Highlight Award in 2016


projects registered, 162 of which are in the Knowledge Reuse category, a record for recent years


Members of all Odebrecht Businesses in 12 countries: Angola, Brazil, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, Ecuador, United States, Ghana, Mexico, Mozambique, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela.