Social Management

Odebrecht Foundation

One of the oldest business foundations in Brazil, created in 1965, the Odebrecht Foundation is a private non-profit institution whose mission is “to educate for life, for work, for values, and overcoming limits”.

Practical class for students of the Agroforestry Family House, an investment of the Odebrecht Foundation in education and sustainable development

Its area of activity is the region of Southern Bahia Lowlands, with the primary aim of supporting initiatives that prepare people to be agents of positive social transformation.

In 2016, together alongside 50 partners social investors, it allocated R$24 million to social and environmental initiatives. The Odebrecht Foundation coordinates three programs - Program for Development and Integrated Sustainable Growth (PDCIS), Tribute to the Future – New Generations Program and Editorial Program - and dozens of projects in the fields of education, work & income, citizenship, and the environment. During the year, 20,000 people and 390 communities benefited directly, in addition to 285,000 people favored indirectly.

R$ 24 million

invested in socio-environmental initiatives

305 thousand

attentions of citizenship (since 2002)

1,100 thousand

students benefited by the Family Houses

20 thousand

people benefited in 2016

With a focus on young people, the Odebrecht Foundation benefits families and promotes social transformation