Answers to society

Odebrecht is open: society asks and its managers answer questions on the changes that have taken place and the new direction of the company. Follow the videos.

Effort and Overcoming

In relation to the company's economic scenario, has the worst passed now?
How does Odebrecht see the reduction in the number of Members?
Is Odebrecht prepared to turn this page?

New Posture

What is Odebrecht doing for a definite change in the conduct of its business?
What will the new Odebrecht communication be like?
How does Odebrecht see an effective change in the business model of sectors such as infrastructure and oil and gas?


What will change in Brazil and in other countries based on the leniency agreements signed by Odebrecht?
What are you going to do to restore the company's reputation?
What can you expect from Odebrecht in the future?


What is the value of decentralization in debt negotiation?
Will Odebrecht maintain its social legacy, one of the company's registered trademarks?
What are the career prospects for current and future Members?